CBD Tincture

SPIRO CBD Oral Drops (Tincture)

These delicious, all-natural Oral Drops blend SPIRO’s proprietary formula with organic, fractionated coconut oil to create an easy to consume, THC free, sublingual tincture. Available now in full-spectrum and isolate formulas. Choose from three distinctly delicious flavors. If you like a cool mint or tangy citrus note in your e-liquid then try our Mint or Citrus flavors. SPIRO also offers a raw blend for those looking for a more herbal experience. Pick the flavor of your choice and relax with SPIRO CBD today!

Full-spectrum: Our full-spectrum product lets you experience the entourage of terpenes, plant lipids, and multiple cannabinoids in every drop.

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  1. SPIRO CBD Full Spectrum Oral Drops
    SPIRO CBD Full Spectrum Oral Drops
    Starting at $24.99
  2. Spiro CBD Isolate Oral Drops
    Spiro CBD Isolate Oral Drops
    Starting at $4.00 $5.00
  3. CBD Tincture Bottle
    Daily Grind CBD Tincture
    Starting at $19.99