Halo Blue Series

Halo Blue Series E-Liquid: Quality, Flavor, and Selection

There’s a good reason our vape juices are so renowned. Each of our premium American-made e-liquids starts with quality ingredients from reputable sources. It continues with quality packaging that set the industry standard: best-by dating, trackable lot numbering, and child-resistant caps.

But the proof is always in the tasting, and our assortment of award-winning tobacco, menthol, gourmet, and fruit-flavored e-liquids always delivers. With flavors for every palate, nothing can match the sheer enjoyment of our e-liquids. Try them for yourself. All of them.

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  1. Tribeca Tobacco E-Liquid
    Tribeca Tobacco E-Liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  2. SubZero Menthol E-Liquid
    SubZero Menthol E-Liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  3. Freedom Juice Tobacco E-liquid
    Freedom Juice Tobacco E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  4. Kringle's Curse E-liquid
    Kringle's Curse E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  5. Malibu E-liquid
    Malibu E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  6. Cool Mist Menthol E-liquid
    Cool Mist Menthol E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  7. Menthol ICE E-Liquid
    Menthol ICE E-Liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  8. Mystic Menthol E-Liquid
    Mystic Menthol E-Liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  9. Prime 15 Tobacco E-liquid
    Prime 15 Tobacco E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  10. Torque56 Tobacco E-liquid
    Torque56 Tobacco E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  11. Turkish Tobacco E-liquid
    Turkish Tobacco E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  12. Belgian Cocoa E-liquid
    Belgian Cocoa E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  13. Cafe Mocha E-liquid
    Cafe Mocha E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  14. Devlin E-Liquid
    Devlin E-Liquid
    Starting at $2.00 $3.99
  15. LongHorn E-liquid
    LongHorn E-liquid
    Starting at $1.00 $3.99
  16. Tobacco Vape Juice Bottle
    Midnight Tobacco E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  17. Menthol V E-liquid
    Menthol V E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  18. Pirate's Creed Tobacco E-liquid
    Pirate's Creed Tobacco E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  19. Voodoo Tobacco E-liquid
    Voodoo Tobacco E-liquid
    Starting at $3.99
  20. Spearmint E-Liquid
    Spearmint E-Liquid
    Starting at $11.99