What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

An amazing little device, designed to simulate the effects of smoking.


electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a relatively new technology often referred to as an E-cigarette, or simply E-cig. This battery operated cigarette is an amazing little device, designed to simulate the effects of smoking both in design and function. By appearance alone, most passers-by would not notice any discernable difference between the E-cigarette and a standard tobacco cigarette. The electronic cigarette has surpassed the expectations of even long-term smokers.

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Electronic Cigarette Battery

The electronic cigarette battery is automatically turned on when you inhale, and automatically shuts off when you complete the drag, thereby maximizing battery life. The battery of an electronic cigarette comprises most of the device, and is rechargeable via a wall charger, or the USB port of your electronic devices. Typically an electronic cigarette battery will last anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on the smoking habits of the user. It is common practice to have one electronic cigarette battery charging while the other is in use. By rotating E-cig batteries this way, the user will not be left without a battery to use. When the user takes a drag from the E-cigarette, the tip lights just as you would expect from a standard tobacco cigarette. Electronic cigarette batteries also can be purchased with a manual operation option. Manual electronic cigarette batteries require you to activate your E-cig by pressing the manual button on the E-cig battery. This will activate the atomizer (heating element) which transforms the E-cig liquid into vapor. Generally many new vapers tend to use the automatic E-cigarette battery and transition over time to the manual creating more control over the entire vaping experience.

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The E-liquid, E-juice, or smoke juice is contained within the E-cigarette cartridge, which has the appearance of a standard cigarette filter. Unlike other electronic cigarettes, Halo utilizes a disposable atomizer that is built right into the E-cig cartridge. Traditionally, other E-cigarettes use a separate atomizer and cartridge which forces the user to regularly maintain and replace the separate atomizer. Halo E-Cigarettes are two-piece systems that have the atomizer built right into the E-cigarette cartridge, which is called a cartomizer. Old atomizers are disposed of with spent cartomizers. This ensures that your electronic cigarette experience will not be compromised by old or grimy atomizers giving you great taste and performance with every vape.

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Vape Juice

The E-cigarette smoke juice, E-juice, or E-liquid contains flavoring plus the desired level of nicotine. The third primary ingredient is Propylene Glycol, which is used to create the smoke effect when heated. As this E-cig liquid is heated, the nicotine is inhaled into the body in the same way as a standard tobacco cigarette. Halo Electronic Cigarettes come with a wide variety of flavors and nicotine levels to better suit the needs of our customers. Unlike most other companies, Halo E-Cig Smoke Juice is made right here in the USA. By producing E-cig smoke juice here in the United States, we maintain a higher level of Quality Control. Halo is committed to safety, and is proud to offer this enhanced security to our customers.

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