E-liquid FAQ

What ingredients are used in your E-liquid?

  • Our ingredients contain USP-grade propylene glycol and USP-grade glycerin along with a proprietary blend of USP-grade natural and artificial flavorings. All ingredients are FEMA-/GRAS-approved food additives, and we use only the highest quality USP-grade nicotine with a Certificate of Analysis. Our nicotine is tested and documented to be a minimum of 99% pure before our E-liquid is created in our US facility.

Should I refrigerate my E-liquid?

  • No. Halo E-liquid should be kept consistently at room temperature for optimal flavor. The flavoring in cold E-liquid tends to separate from other ingredients, significantly reducing the flavor. In addition, if your E-liquid has been left outside in a cold mailbox during winter months, it is highly recommended that you allow it to sit at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours before vaping. This should be ample time for the flavoring to meld back with other ingredients, allowing for optimal results.

What is the PG/VG ratio of your E-liquid?

  • This is proprietary information that we are unable to share at this time. There are many companies looking to duplicate Halo E-liquid, and we prefer not to offer any specific information regarding ratios or specific ingredients.

Does your E-liquid contain diacetyl?

  • No. Halo does not contain diacetyl in any of our E-liquid formulas. This was a strict requirement for Halo far before it became a popular topic in the forums.

Do you accept returns on E-liquid?

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns on e-liquid that does not meet personal flavor expectations. Taste is a very subjective sense that will vary greatly from person to person. We highly recommend purchasing a sample pack or 10ml sample bottle from our site to determine if our e-liquid is a good match for your personal taste. Also, we do not accept returns for consumable products such as e-liquids because once they are opened we're unable to determine if it's still in the original condition it was when it left our manufacturing facility. In accordance with our strict Quality Control guidelines, returned e-liquid could never be re-used for any purpose. We are, however, committed to providing our customers the highest quality e-liquids on the market, so if you are ever dissatisfied with your purchase please feel free to contact customer service so we can help you resolve the issue. You can contact our Customer Service department at (866) 305-Halo (4256).

Could I have received a “bad batch”?

  • Due to our dedication to providing our customers with consistently high quality e-liquids, it's highly unlikely you received a "bad batch", however, we have no control over the storage or delivery conditions after products leave the manufacturing facility. Please contact our Customer Service department at (866) 305-Halo (4256) if you have any questions regarding the quality of the e-liquid you received.

What nicotine level should I choose?

  • Most people who decide to quit smoking start with a slightly lower nicotine level than they are currently ingesting. Continue to reduce your nicotine level according to your comfort level. Once your nicotine level reaches "zero" you've succeeded!

G6 E-Cigarette FAQ

How do I know my battery is charging?

  • The USB adapter will show a red light while charging. The USB adapter will show a solid blue light when the battery is fully charged.

The light on my USB adapter is purple/blinks ? What does this mean?

  • While charging your G6 battery, the USB adapter light may be red, purple, or even flicker and blink back and forth between red and blue. This is all normal. Once the light is solid blue, it means charging is complete.

The LED tip on my G6 battery is no longer lighting up while charging. Is this normal?

  • Yes, the LED tip is only for aesthetic purposes. This may or may not light up while charging. This will not affect charging.

Triton Tank System FAQ

Why is my battery blinking when I try to vape?

  • This usually indicates a connection issue between the battery and tank. Here are some things to check: ? Is the coil post loose or too tight? Try adjusting the post slightly before trying to vape again. ? Does this tank work on another battery? If it does, the battery connection area may need to be cleaned. If not, the coil has likely burned out and needs to be replaced.

My button blinks when first connected to charge. Is this normal?

  • Yes, the button on standard Triton batteries will blink when first connected, then the light on the button will turn off while charging.

How do I know my Triton battery is charging?

  • The USB adapter will blink blue/red while charging. The USB adapter will show a solid blue light when the battery has been fully charged.

Reactor FAQ

How do I turn this thing on?

  • To turn on your Reactor, press the firing button on the side of the battery five times in rapid succession. Once the battery is turned on, the LED screen will become visible.

Should I turn my Reactor off before storing it?

  • Yes. While the battery will not drain just by being on—and though there are safeguards in place—it is best to turn off the battery any time you have finished using the Tracer and are about to store it in a pocket, purse or drawer.

Where should I store my Reactor?

  • This device should be kept out of reach of children and pets and stored safely in a dry environment. Do not store in high-temperature areas as this will cause irreversible damage to batteries and other components..