Mike's Wicked Eliquid (10ml)

A range of fresh tasting lemonade based flavors with a wicked kick that will not disappoint for those wanting devilishly delectable vaping.
Bottle Size: 10ml

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Wicked Apple Wicked Apple delivers a juicy burst of exquisite apple flavor with a brilliant mix of honeycrisp, green and red apple. Sweet, tart and totally wicked!
Wicked Lemonade Get the refreshing rush of fresh squeezed lemonade flavor from this devilishly delectable vape. Wicked Lemonade delivers sweet and tangy taste in a truly tempting way.
Wicked Lychee Lemonade Dive into the exotic flavor of lychee fruit blended with sweet, juicy grapes and a zesty lemonade. It only takes one taste to cast its “Wicked” spell on you!
Wicked Raspberry Lemonade Stimulate your taste buds with the refreshingly, tangy twist of fresh-squeezed lemonade that hits an expert balance with rich raspberry flavor. This sweet, tart Raspberry Lemonade vape is just wicked good!
PG/VG Ratio High PG
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