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Halo Blue Series E-Liquids: Quality, Flavor, and PMTA Accepted

There’s a good reason our vape juices are so renowned. Each of our premium American-made e-liquids starts with quality ingredients from reputable sources. It continues with quality packaging that set the industry standard: best-by dating, trackable lot numbering, and child-resistant caps.

But the proof is always in the tasting, and our assortment of award-winning tobacco and menthol flavors. Nothing can match the sheer enjoyment of our e-liquids. Try them for yourself.

There’s a good reason our vape juices are in such high demand. Our premium e-liquids are American-made with quality ingredients from trustworthy sources. In addition, we use quality packaging that sets the industry standard: child-resistant caps, best-by dating and trackable lot numbering.

We make it our mission not to cut corners or speed things up to get them to market faster. By taking our time, we get things done right and we do everything possible —at every point in the process— to make certain we deliver the most consistent, high quality E-liquid available.

The taste, however, is what keeps our customers coming back for more. By offering award-winning tobacco and menthol flavors, nothing matches the pure satisfaction of our e-liquids. Try them today and experience everything vaping can be.

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  1. Triton II Vape Device Starter Kit
    Triton II Vape Device Starter Kit
    Starting at $29.99
  2. Fusion Unflavored Tobacco E-Liquid
    Fusion Unflavored Tobacco E-Liquid
    Starting at $14.99
  3. Turkish Tobacco E-liquid
    Turkish Tobacco E-liquid
    Starting at $14.99
  4. SubZero Menthol E-Liquid
    SubZero Menthol E-Liquid
    Starting at $14.99
  5. Tribeca Tobacco E-Liquid
    Tribeca Tobacco E-Liquid
    Starting at $14.99