Vape Replacement Parts: Pods, Coils, Batteries and More

Let's get real: The last thing you want is to be out of what you need to vape. We've all been there. Maybe the store was closed, and you needed a vape pod replacement, quick. Perhaps it was a long weekend, and you ran out of coils. Or, you went to take a huge hit and realized your battery had seen its last days… and there was no shop nearby to buy a new one. Well, lucky for you, Halo Cigs has all the replacement parts you need — plus, we're always open, and we're not going anywhere. From replacement pods and coils to batteries and chargers, learn all about the parts and accessories you need to stock up on.

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Ultimately, the replacement parts you need will depend on the type of vape you have. Vape pens, mods, pod systems and cigalikes all have different components that must be maintained. Always check with your device's manual to ensure you know what it needs to operate properly. That said, there are some commonalities. The following are some of the most common things people look for when searching for vape replacement parts:

Additionally, when preparing for uninterrupted vaping, it's always important to stock up on e-liquid. And, while having the right parts on hand will keep you chugging along for quite a while, you may want to consider buying a new vape device at some point, as well.

Replacement Pods

Pod systems are very popular in the vaping world, partially due to their ability to replicate traditional cigarettes — a great choice for those transitioning from smoking, especially when combined with nic salts. However, whether your device uses refillable or disposable pods, there's always a chance you'll need a vape pod replacement.

Some of our favorite pod vape devices include:

You can find replacement pods for all of these and more right here at Halo Cigs.

What Kind of Vapes Need Replacement Pods?

All pod systems, sometimes called pod vapes or pod mods, may need replacement pods. Certain vapes involve single-use pods, meaning replacement pods are always necessary. However, many pod systems are now refillable. That means you may only need to get a single vape pod replacement every so often.

Replacement Coils

No matter what kind of vape device you're using, coils are an essential part of making it work. They heat the e-liquid to help produce those clouds of vapor that we all love. However, using a coil past its prime can give you a bad taste, and eventually, it won't function properly at all.

At Halo, you'll find a wide variety of coils for all sorts of devices. Whether you're looking for new replacement coils or just need to replace the coils you’ve got, we have them, along with options for our own Halo devices.

How Much are Replacement Vape Coils?

The cost of replacement vape coils differs — it depends on the device they're intended for and how many come in a pack. Typically, it can range anywhere from less than $5 to over $14 for a pack, but it depends on the exact contents. For example, Smok Nord replacement coils usually cost around $10 for a 5-pack. However, you can also get a kit that comes with one replacement pod and two Smoke Nord replacement coils for about the same price. Always check to make sure you're buying coils that are intended for use with your device; otherwise, they won't work and could potentially be dangerous.

Replacement Tanks

Tanks hold the precious vape juice you need to get the hit that you want. They are another essential element of your setup, determining how much e-liquid the device can hold at one time. And while most vapes come with durable tanks that don't leak, we all know accidents can happen.

Whether you dropped your device or got it stuck in a compromising situation — or even if it just sprung a mysterious leak — you'll need a replacement. Halo Cigs carries replacement tanks for all of the devices we manufacture, along with select options for other brands. We're committed to quality, and we want to ensure that your tank lasts as long as possible. But, if you need a replacement, we've got you covered!

Replacement Batteries and Chargers

Your device needs power — that's just a fact! Most vapes run on rechargeable batteries, but we all know that any type of battery can go bad. Plus, you need a charger to keep it running. You always want to make sure that a replacement vape battery is suitable for your device, and that the charger is appropriately rated for it.

Halo carries replacement batteries for all of our products, along with standard Sony VTC5 18650 batteries. Plus, you'll find a great selection of USB-compatible chargers in different styles for either your wall or car. After all, you can't puff without power!

Get All the Replacement Parts You Need at Halo Cigs

No matter what happens, Halo will be here. Consider us your one-stop-shop for all the vape accessories and replacement parts that will keep you vaping. Whether you're stocking up on replacement pods, coils, tanks or anything else, you'll find it in our store. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out — we're always happy to help a fellow vaper!

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